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Medical Emergencies

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Medical Emergencies: Cardiorespiratory Response & Standards This comprehensive course emphasizes early identification of deteriorating patients and effective response to cardiorespiratory arrest. Trainees learn to promptly initiate CPR, summon aid, and apply defibrillation within a critical 3-minute window. The curriculum underscores post-arrest care, safe patient transfers, and the importance of equipped environments. Annual CPR training updates and decision-making processes round out this essential medical training. Aims To provide an update on the management of different medical emergencies in a general dental practice Learning objectives Be able to use the ABCDE approach to assess and treat an acutely ill patient. Know which emergency drugs are available and are required to treat different medical emergencies. Recognise the signs and symptoms of different medical emergencies. Understand how to treat/manage common medical emergencies. Apply and perform CPR when and where is required You have a 28-day time limit to complete your course!

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