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Radiography Refresher Course for Dentists, Dental Hygiene Therapists, Radiographers and Nurses

  • 28Days
  • 13Steps
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Radiography Refresher Course for Dental Clinicians and Their Team This 10-hour fully online course, offered through the YourOnlineCPD platform, is tailored for dental practitioners—including dentists, dental hygienists, therapists, nurses, and overseas qualified clinicians. Designed for those needing a refresher or preparing for registration exams, the course updates participants on the latest advancements in dental radiography. It comprehensively covers UK legal requirements, radiation safety, digital imaging, image interpretation, and patient care standards. Participants will engage with online theory lessons at their own pace, ensuring flexibility in learning and skill acquisition. Upon completion, there is an option to join a practical hands-on session in London, extending the total certification to 20 hours of CPD. This session provides direct experience with the latest radiography equipment and techniques, guided by experienced professionals. Aims of the Course: Provide a comprehensive refresher on dental radiography, emphasizing UK legal and professional standards. Blend theoretical knowledge with practical skills through a robust online learning approach. Objectives: Gain up-to-date knowledge of UK-specific legal requirements and guidelines for dental radiography. Master digital radiography techniques and image interpretation. Apply radiation protection measures and quality assurance protocols according to UK standards. Enhance patient management skills during radiographic procedures. Learning Outcomes: Mastery: Understand UK radiography laws and practices. Skills: Improve in digital radiography and safety, optional hands-on training in London. Competence: Ensure patient safety and comply with regulations. Development: Commit to lifelong professional growth. You have a 28-day time limit to complete your course!

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