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Infection Prevention and Control

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Infection Prevention and Control This course is meticulously tailored for healthcare professionals, individuals in frequent contact with people, and personnel responsible for cleaning human waste. Infections, known for their ease of transmission, pose significant risks in healthcare settings. It is crucial that healthcare practitioners, individuals engaged in related activities, and cleaning staff are well-versed in effective protocols. Understanding and implementing the right measures is key to preventing and controlling the spread of infections, ensuring a safer environment for all. Aims & Objectives To understand better the chain of infection, how to break the chain, best practices in hygiene and PPE, risk management. It outlines the responsibilities of both employer and employee, infection control policies and procedures, legislations and regulations. Learning outcomes Better understanding of infection prevention and control, Why is infection prevention and control important? Legal requirements, Legislation, Regulations, Employer responsibilities, Employee responsibilities. You have a 28-day time limit to complete your course!

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